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About how many times a week do you use the algorithm?

For you, what is the most valuable feature of the algorithm?

On average, how many symptoms, physical signs, and lab results do you enter into the algorithm for a specific patient case?

How would you rate the algorithm, based on...

Ease of use

Quality of differential diagnosis (i.e., accuracy, comprehensiveness, relevance, error rate)

Quality of the True Closure™ Workup Guide

How relevant and useful is the list of investigations to make into symptoms, physical signs, and lab results? Is it likely to help you avoid overlooking any important aspect of your workups?

The additional confidence it gives you in diagnosis and workup

Its usefulness as a tool for teaching or learning the art and science of differential diagnosis and workup

How would you compare the algorithm's performance in the production of RELEVANT differential diagnoses to your own?

How would you compare the algorithm's performance in generating a COMPREHENSIVE list of potentially relevant diagnoses?

Rate your level of interest in seeing each of the following features in the algorithm:

Evidence-based treatment recommendations


The algorithm currently is optimized for patients 15 years old and older. How much importance do you personally place on having pediatrics capability for patients younger than 15?
Mental health/psychiatry algorithms

Likelihood ratios for labs

Likelihood ratios are used for assessing the value of performing a diagnostic test. They use the sensitivity and specificity of the test to determine whether a test result usefully changes the probability that a condition (such as a disease state) exists.
Probabilities for each differential diagnosis (or possible cause)

True probabilities would entail using predictive analytics to give the probability for each condition, enabling ranking with greater confidence.
Integration into the Electronic Health Record I'm already using

Offline capability

How much importance do you place on being able to use the algorithm without a cellular or internet connection?
Speech recognition with natural language processing capability

This would enable use of the algorithm without typing
Treatment options from functional (also complementary or alternative) medicine

Ability to consider genomic/genetic data

Ability to share and diagnose from visual images

Predictions of length and cost of hospital stays

A social platform for worldwide collaboration, questions, and instant sharing of best practices and new information among professional clinicians.

A way to get more or higher-paying patients

Ways could include (a) allowing prospective patients to search for you (b) allowing prospective patients to put out requests for proposals (your price, expertise, etc.) or (c) allowing you to search for (initially anonymous) patient scenarios
A platform to help shape and guide research and clinical trials

Please name any other features and tell us how many stars of importance you'd give each of them (from 1 to 10)

How likely are you to continue using the algorithm?

From what kind of device would you prefer to use Physician Cognition's algorithm?

You are a . . .

How likely are you to recommend the algorithm to a professional colleague?

Would you be interested in adding your expertise to optimize specific practice areas of the algorithm to benefit you and all of humankind?

Including as a member of an advisory board (prominently displayed on our website, if you wish)
Do you think a lay-friendly version of the algorithm would be useful (as compared to WebMD or other online symptom checkers)? How? What features would you recommend it have - and not have?

Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

OPTIONAL:  If you'd like us to be in contact with you about your comments or your desire to participate in our project, let us know your name and title!

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